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E-Z Runner Grand Ultra Strong

The E-Z Runner® Grand Ultra Strong Refillable Dispenser features an Immediately tacky and strong, clear, permanent double-sided adhesive in a clear E-Z Runner Dispenser.

It's light weight and easy to use. Drop in refill cartridges make refilling fast and easy. Refill cartridges can be switched mid-use, with no winding or threading. Use any Grand Refill in the Grand Dispenser.

Product Features:

  • 140ft of clear, permanent double-sided adhesive
  • Immediate bond requires no curing time
  • Strong enough for heavier papers and embellishments
  • Easy to refill - no winding, threading or waste!
  • No drying time, no stringy mess
  • Unbreakable clear liner
  • Refills are recyclable
  • Archival Safe and Acid Free

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