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Catherine Pooler Designs Mini Ink Sets

 CP Minis Bundle has 8 gorgeous colors wrapped up in a mini sized* ink pad that takes up less space and are perfect for on the go! 

*The Minis cases are - 1 5/8" x 2 3/4" with ink pads size - 1 x 1 3/4"

The Catherine Pooler Designs Ink Collection "Color Made Easy" system takes the guesswork out of choosing colors for your card making projects. Choose your color palette from the Party Collection or Spa Collection for perfect coordination!

The Party Inks are vibrant, saturated colors....think lime green and bright pink. With names like Fiesta Blue and Rockin' Red, they are bright, fun and they scream party!

The Spa Inks are sophisticated colors with low saturation levels. With names like Mandarin Spice and Shea Butter, they are perfect for a polished card design.

You will always feel successful when choosing color palettes within the families as they all mix and match perfectly!

CP inks are:
  • Foam Pads - two or three light taps are all you need
  • Free of Color Transfers - if your stamp stamps clear on scratch paper, no color will transfer
  • Water Reactive - dye based and water reactive makes them perfect for splotching and flicking techniques
  • Easily Blended - stays wet a few seconds to ink blend beautiful backgrounds
  • Embossing Friendly - you will have a few seconds to sprinkle on clear embossing powder allowing the inks to be used as colored embossing inks. 

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